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WASIC is a team of dedicated individuals always ready to assist the future generation of  tomorrow 

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us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a unique perspective of looking at life . It helps

us build  opinions  and  have  points of view on things in life. "People debate over the subject of whether 

education is the only  thing  that gives knowledge",well we believe it is not the only thing ,but just the foundation

which makes it extremely important.


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People's Republic Of China has some of the best high quality universities in the world.

China is an increasingly popular destination for students from around the world, with the number of international students in China doubling in the past 10 years.

China is already the fourth most popular destination for travel generally and has the third-largest population of international students, behind the US and the UK.

This number has been growing by an average of 10 per cent a year for the past 10 years, a far quicker growth rate than any other popular study-abroad destination.

Whether you intend to secure a graduate job or continue studying at postgraduate level, the reputation of your university is important for your future prospects.

Chinese universities are increasingly well respected; the number included in major global university rankings has risen significantly over the past five years.

Chinese culture and people are extremely diverse and multicultural, consisting of 56 different ethnicities. Living and interacting with local Chinese and submerging yourself in Chinese society will provide you with a new way of envisioning the world.

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Founded in 1958, Zhejiang A & F University  (ZAFU) is a comprehensive university directly under the auspices of Zhejiang Province offering Bachelor and Masters degrees in agriculture, technology, science, literature, management, law, economics, medicine, etc. and enrolling international students. 

ZAFU, located in Lin'an City (west of the popular tourist destination Hangzhou) has Yijin and East Lake campuses covering almost 167 hectares with 550,000 square meters of building space. Its modern buildings and facilities in a setting of great natural beauty, surrounded by mountains and water, make ZAFU a most suitable place for learning, teaching, and conducting research.


Beijing Normal University (BNU) has a history of more than 100 years, which is almost as long as the history of Chinese modern education. The University has developed from the Faculty of Education, Capital Metropolitan University established in 1902 under the concept of Establish school, prioritize teacher education, which initiated teacher training in Chinese higher education. After several times of merging and reforming since 1949, especially in the 1980s, Beijing Normal University has moved into the new age of rapid development.

​Beijing Normal University has always been committed to international exchange and cooperation. At present, the university has established cooperative ties with over 200 universities, international organizations and enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions.


Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (ZUST) is a multi-disciplinary university with an emphasis on engineering, and incorporating disciplines in science, arts, economics, management, and education. Combining the successful administrative experience of German universities of applied sciences with its own experience, ZUST explores ways of cultivating international talents with innovative spirits and strong skills.

Zhejiang University of Science and Technology has two campuses. Xiaoheshan Campus is located in the historical and cultural city Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, which is one of the most prosperous provinces in China.


Wuhan University is a key university directly under the administration of the Education Ministry of the People's Republic of China. It is located in Hubei Province's capital Wuhan known as "The thoroughfare leading to nine provinces". It is located in Hubei Province's capital Wuhan known as "The thoroughfare leading to nine provinces". The university has rolling physical features with the scenic Luojia Hill in it and the beautiful East Lake by its side, seeming in picturesque disorder.

The university now has 5,000-odd teachers, including 3,000-odd professes and associate professors, 570-odd doctorate supervisors, 4 academicians of chinese Academy of sciences,5 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 academicians of the international Eurasian Academy of Sciences. The university has also 22 discipline offering "the Changjiang River program awarding scholars" for the posts of the special appointed professors.


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